Business Deals with the Help of CRM

CRM program for conducting transactions


Conducting transactions using CRM facilitates the work of the manager and head of sales. Task management, analysis funnels, the calculation of the “heat” of the lead will help to close more

deals. And reporting on productivity and results managers – to encourage employees to achieve goals.


Online management of transactions and customers in special CRM easier than in similar products and more convenient than in Excel. Create a deal in one click. Assign it status using built-in or your own values.


CRM program for conducting transactions will help control the sale process. Track the current state of affairs, analyzing the funnel report. Influence the result by adjusting the steps in a timely manner.


See the report on the events of the manager to evaluate it productivity. Open the task report for

control execution of orders. Manager Results or department monitor in your sales report.


Identify problems with a funnel report. Track the number of transactions at each stage and

time spent on it. Work more efficiently using the program for conducting base of transactions.


Set and fulfill goals


Assign points to transaction status. Set your formula for calculating the “heat of lead”. Total score will show the probability of a deal on current stage.


CRM system for conducting transactions does not just organize time and helps to prioritize. It  allows you to set goals and track results. Manage your sales department is easier, having a report at hand on the implementation of KPI.


The possibility of netting (offsetting counterclaims and obligations for the supply / receipt of currency) with automatic creation of the resulting netting transaction and generation of transactions for the closing (contraction) of the receivables / payables for the supply / receipt of currency and final settlements with counterparty banks on forex transactions.


In terms of SWAPs, a mechanism for revaluation of these foreign exchange derivatives based on forward rates of outright was also introduced to calculate their fair value at the date of revaluation. A reference book of market exchange rates was also developed and implemented, the data of which are used for the automated calculation of outright forward rates for any forward period, both standard and broken forward dates (non-standard forward dates).


The development and implementation of a multicurrency netting mechanism has been carried out, which makes it possible to perform netting based on the results of trades at the MSRI with a certain counterparty simultaneously on transactions in various arbitrary currency pairs, without limiting the number of such pairs. This mechanism allows you to create a netting transaction that contains the significant results of netting (netting) in terms of currencies for which the trades were made, as well as to physically accept the delivery of currency based on netting (netting).

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